Renowned speaker, author, television host, and founder of Great Impact Communications, Nadia Bilchik is a sought-after business expert for transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary engagement. She knows how to authentically connect, persuade, and impact a broad range of audiences – live and online. Her uniquely dynamic, entertaining, and substantive approach to communication skills training comes from her extensive experience in conducting training workshops, coaching business professionals and delivering keynote addresses across the USA and globally. No matter how you may struggle with speaking, Nadia’s years of interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities, and corporate leaders, such as President Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Matt Damon, and George Clooney, can help you confidently and competently maximize your on-camera presence.

Do you ever struggle in front of a camera?

Do you ever struggle in front of a camera or have moments of panic, discomfort, or anxiety in a virtual meeting?

Your brain shuts down..... You can’t find the words you need!

You forget you’re an expert at the very thing you’re an expert at, and you just don’t feel you’re coming across as the best version of yourself...!

If you want that EDGE, CONFIDENCE, and on-camera expertise that helps you build trust, rapport, and connection with your audience, WEB CAMERA CONFIDENCE is for you!  

Web Camera Confidence is an interactive experience designed to give you on-camera strategies and tools to PROJECT COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, AND CREDIBILITY WITH EASE!

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From Self-Conscious to Self-Confident!

Is your virtual presence powerful enough to connect with your customers, colleagues, clients? It’s called having Web Camera Confidence. Master the technique and you can move past the pain of that "on-camera struggle.” Learn how to tap into a deeper, inner confidence, and identify tools and resources that make technology easier. Activate the techniques that deliver compelling, persuasive messages. Do it and your audience is yours. Our Web Camera Confidence course provides the engagement-building activities and personalized feedback you need to be a better virtual communicator. Whether you’re going one on one or speaking to hundreds on your webcam, our technique provides optimum impact every time.

Course Curriculum

What you will get in this course...

  • 1

    Welcome to Web Camera Confidence!

    • Introduction to the Course - Web Camera Confidence

    • Who is Nadia - Background and Experience

    • What you will learn in this Course

    • Rate Your On Camera Confidence - Poll

    • Confidence Builders

    • Summation of Chapter 1

  • 2

    How to Go from Self-Conscious to Self-Confident

    • Before the Camera Confidence Mindset

    • Mental Consicousness

    • Mental Consciousness Tips

    • Building Your Mental Consciousness Muscle

    • Keep Your Nerves in Check

    • Finding Your Triggers

    • Positive Emotional Database

    • Exercise With Me and Keep Confident - PEMD

    • Your Own Digital PEMD

    • Breathe it Out

    • Constricted Relaxation

    • Good Vocal Vibrations

    • Summation of Chapter 2

  • 3

    Technology Made Easy

    • Demystifying the Technology

    • Camera On

    • Elevating My On-Camera Interaction

    • Types of Cameras (Laptop vs External)

    • Research and Acquire

    • The Ultimate Web Camera Tips (15)

    • Confidence-Infused Tips

    • Creating the Right Environment

    • My Personal Studio

    • Summation of Chapter 3

  • 4

    How to Deliver a Talk that Keeps Your Audience's Attention

    • Introduction- Confident On-Camera Delivery

    • Mastering What you Do and Say

    • Poll : In this poll, submit your top 3 enhancers (things that add tremendous value to) and detractors (things that take away from) effective presentations/virtual delivery.

    • Master What You Do and Say- Part 2

    • Self-Mastery

    • Targeted Messaging

    • Selecting the Right Audience

    • Creating Content that Attracts

    • Hook On Line

    • Persuasive Evidence

    • Anecdotes

    • Reel it In

    • Delivering Content that Connects

    • Grab Their Attention

    • Summation of Chapter 4

  • 5

    Expanding Your Confidence After the Course!

    • Summary

    • Tying Up with Networking

    • Course Evaluation

    • Bonus : Small Changes - Big Impact

Awesome Benefits Of Applying the Lessons in This Course:

  • Benefit 1

    Experience Micro-Learning: Quick applicable concepts supported by Interactive assignments!

  • Benefit 2

    Researched resources to help you identify the equipment and tools you need to create your personal studio!

  • Benefit 3

    Personalized feedback you can immediately apply and change your level of engagement!

Finally Achieve the Results You're After!

If you're ready to maximize your virtual presence, you won't want to miss this opportunity!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time should I spend on one module every week?

    The time you spend on a module can vary. This learning is self-paced and designed to build on the previous concept. Plan to spend more time completing the assignments and post on the discussion board/platform for feedback and community responsiveness.

  • How is the material available online?

    Once a student is in the Web Camera Confidence course site, they can access videos, discussion boards, assignments, and other materials.

  • How do I interact with the community?

    The Discussion Board will be the hub for posts and connecting as a community. Learners and the Nadia Bilchik Academy communicate primarily through the course site and emails in online courses. Those learners who choose to obtain personal coaching will have access to scheduled, 1-on-1 meetings.

  • How long will it take to get feedback?

    Some assignments are designed to give you specific feedback to apply to the next module. Anticipate receiving your personalized feedback in 7 business days.


From Self-Conscious to Self-Confident!